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Contactless, RFID, Tap and Go - an introduction to these key terms and what a Myne Card is:


What is contactless?

Contactless means that you can just touch your bank card against a card till and payment is made. They are great as:

It saves time and is easier to use than chip & pin and mobile wallets (eg Apple/Android Pay) It takes just a couple of seconds for a contactless till to read your card They have a payment limit of up to £30 in UK

Contactless is the UK term, in the US its more common to use the phase 'tap and go' - RFID is the technology behind it all, but don't worry about techy terms!


Risks of contactless / Tap and Go Bank Cards:

You may not have asked for the contactless feature or may not be aware of the risks of these new cards, so briefly: You may have seen posts on the news or social media where fraudsters and consumer rights groups have easily read the info on a contactless card and then used those details to make purchases - even a £1,000 TV has been bought using just the details taken from a contactless card. Contactless card readers (and phone apps!) are easily available to fraudsters and they can read contactless cards through bags/coats/wallets etc, so a crowded area, for example, is prime for fraudsters, with no pick-pocketing needed!

Myne Cards use the latest RFID blocker technology, so even your latest bank cards are protected.


How do I use a Myne Card?

A Myne Card will prevent your contactless card details being taken without your consent, as long as you follow the instructions:

1. Place the Myne Card in your wallet or purse

2. Keep your contactless cards close to the Myne Card, within 5cm is best

Myne Cards are specifically designed to block fraudsters card readers, so the only time your contactless card is read is when you want to be.


Whats different about Myne Cards and other blocker cards in the market?

1. We always use the latest technology in our cards. This means you are always up to date, the cards are as thin as we can make them so they don't take up space in your purse or wallet, plus we work hard to ensure our cards last a long time (about 6 years) and most importantly - that they are appealing!

2. Our cards are packaged so they can be given as a gift, they slip easily into a greeting card

3. All our designs are licensed from the design holder, you are receiving an official licensed product.

4. We are the only blocker cards with great licensed designs - from the fashionable Skinnydip and classic Wallace and Gromit, Beryl Cook and The National Gallery to the animal loving pets of Howard Robinson, a stamp of London with To Home From London and Dom Vari - we can brighten up your purse/wallet in a way no one else can!